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Dispatches from the Moth · Posted On: May 16, 2012

Jay Allison on “The Rise of Stories Out Loud”

by The Moth Staff

We were absolutely thrilled to be included in this year’s NarrativeArc conference at Boston University. The conference “celebrates and explores narrative journalism, a powerful, unfettered, public but individually voiced genre, as it expands into many digital media.” Radio legend and The Moth Radio Hour‘s producer Jay Allison delivered the conference’s keynote “The Moth & Friends: The Rise of Stories Out Loud” about the importance of oral storytelling in an increasingly digital world.

“I have a belief, it’s often shaken but not yet broken, that the world can be changed with knowledge, particularly knowledge of one another which leads to empathy. And to find a way toward that, our medium in radio is story… often told by the people who live the stories in their own voices. And the interest in those stories told out loud is growing these days,” says Jay. You can watch the rest of his keynote below.

Thanks again to Jay Allison and the staff of the conference, especially conference director Mark Kramer. To see the rest of the conference schedule, visit:

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